Bajog electronic GmbH

Gerd Bajog founded the company "Bajog electronic GmbH" in August 1990.

The aim of the newly founded company was primarily EMC support for the industry and the development of special power suppression filters in the power range of DC applications up to 4,000 amps and 15,000 volts.There were also in the early beginning inquiries and orders from the German Military, NATO and Air Defense companies.

Gerd Bajog was employed in the field of EMC until August 1990 as a Development and Production Manager in a large conglomerate manufacturing company and therefore he knows exactly the required properties of EMC components to a longevity of> 20 years to guarantee what was required for public contracts (including military). This live time request is still actual. For this reason, Bajog electronic produces all specific individual components of the mains interference filters themselves.

1991 company foundation Senftenberg (new federal states)
1992 Company foundation Jelinia Gora Poland additional production
1994 Company founded Cirencister U.K
1994 Relocation to his own company property in Pilsting Lower Bavaria
1995 Company founded Limerick Ireland
In 1995, Gerd Bajog already had 132 employees.
1998 Foundation of Bajog electronic in Xiamen (China)

In addition to the control of the numerous, own branches it was and it is still the ultimate goal of Gerd Bajog:
- new developments in the field of EMC, novel measuring devices for network analysis,
- New technologies in the field of hydrogen fuel cells for the maritime sector (ferry and passenger ships in Bulgaria, Norway) for the mobile sector (trucks and buses) and the stationary sector (individual buildings and company complexes) up to 15,000 volts (medium voltage level
- New technologies in the field of medical care for outpatient cancer treatment,
- Research and studies
- Customer proximity
- contact care
to pursue intensively.

The Pilsting site is the centerpiece with 30 employees / developers.
This location houses all sales developments, experts for studies, approval work and for the production of small and medium series are carried out here.A total number of 211 employees in the additional production plants ensure timely deliveries.

Established agencies in Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Germany (North and East), Sweden, Norway, Asia China, Singapore, Korea have been contributing to the success of Bajog electronic for years.

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