Smart Meter – and many open questions

Smart Meter for electricity, gas, and water is intended to create the precondition for transparence of used electricity, gas and water without additional personal (meter reading at site).

European Union

With the EU-directive 2006/32/EG for energy efficiency and energy services from 5. April 2006 the EU has decided, that in all member states, if technically possible, financially justifiable and compared with the energy savings appropriate, every end customer should get individual counter for electricity, gas  district heating/district cooling for a competitive price, which show the exact usage volume and usage time.


In Germany Smart Meter are not obligatory yet, only new buildings and total restorations have to get a smart meter according to § 21b Abs. 3 EnWG.

From 2020 on >80% of all households have to be equipped with smart meter. The network operator is responsible for that. He has to offer minimal solutions confirming to the law for his customers (§ 21b Abs. 3b EnWG). The lawful minimal solutions only contain the basic function to show the energy use and usage time. A remote readout is not necessary here.
Since 200 5 metering has been liberated in Germany.


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