Fuel cell concept based on hydrogen

(by Gerd Bajog)


For many photovoltaic owners (housetop), the promised energy feed - in tariff (EEG) will end in the next few years (starting from 2019). So far, the energy self - buffering of solar, wind, bio, water - energy is limited to the batteries. These are expensive, sometimes maintenance-intensive and not suitable for the environment. As a result, the self-generated energy in the grid will evaporate in the future, without any counter value, because photovoltaic owners are usually at work during the day and can only make limited use of the energy from photovoltaics = in-house production.










This will result in an enormous potential in the field of energy generation and storage in the near future. The "zero emission" solution is hydrogen production. The electrolysis of water is simple and simple and there are already numerous, different methods.



Solar parks and wind turbines

Many solar and wind farms have to be disconnected from the grid during summer weddings to avoid network congestion. Many solar parks are not allowed to feed into the public grid at any time due to regional overload risks and still receive the guaranteed feed-in tariff.


Concept idea

Solar Parks, Wind, Water, Bio u. Heating plants could generate enough hydrogen via large-scale electrolysis plants to supply hydrogen to the filling station network throughout Germany in the future. In addition, excess hydrogen could be fed into natural gas and used extensively.

 Bajog electronic is working on establishing the already completed Swiss project in other countries. However, there are many counter-interests in Germany, and it seems that the firm to clean the environment through emission-free energy is presented to the outside world, but it is basically not wanted.



Energy self-sufficient house in Brütten (Switzerland) https://youtu.be/PtjadUwdJEs


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