Cabin Filter - Shelter and Safety Areas

To protect military aircraft and other weapon system of the different arms from sabotage, rocket - to protect and air attacks with conventional weapons, EMP, or NEMP (nuclear electromagnetic pulse), special shelters and secure areas are designed and built.

Partially these people and materials – shelters are under the ground, deep inside the mountain or on ground level.

All power supply, data - and telecom cables into the shelter / bunker must be connected under high protection.
All supply lines must be proofed under TEMPEST - regulation.

Filter for protection unit and power supply components are required to resist against a nuclear strike and be safe and remain fully operational afterwards.



For this requirement, the power supply components such as cabin filters and EMP / NEMP protectors are accelerate with amax = 160 m/s2 (16g), Vmax = 1.6 m / s speeds and thrown against an obstacle. In addition, extreme dv / dt spikes conducted transients and high voltage test.

The necessary cabin filter supplies equipment and facilities with power up to> 4.000Ampere. Some filter stages (L1, L2, L3, N) can rise depending on current and general requirements more than a ton weight.

Bajog electronic cabin filter guarantee since 1990 the high security request with all cabin filter in several NATO – countries and for different armed service.


Cabin filter for testing and testing equipment

Whether for the medical, military, or industrial sector, laboratories, or for test u. Test screen cabins a reliable cabin filter is the interface of an absolutely shielded, HF-tight environment in the outdoor grid – and environment area.



Signal lines, data lines, telephone lines, LAN connections, bus systems, control u. Power supply cables must be routed through a suitable cabin filter.



In addition to the HF tightness of <9KHz to> 40 GHz with> 100dB, it is also the task of a reliable cabin filter with its dielectric strength to reduce voltage peaks of up to 10KV / μs to a tolerable 400V to keep all downstream equipment and components harmless. The power ratings range is from <1Ampere to> 4000 amps and from 250/440/750 – 15.000VAC available.



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