Effective management of energy consumption
and network quality

Effective reactive power compensation

A company is not only considered in terms of annual sales, its profitability and its quality management, but increasingly about the environmental impact and its environmental management.  Energy saving and network optimization are among the most important tasks of management.



Although all energy supplier are anxious to ensure quality power supply, but power quality is compromised by several factors:
In case that the proportion of non-linear loads users such as power converters or frequency converters close to 15%, resulting harmonics, whose frequency corresponds, are a multiple of the sine fundamental mode. Furthermore inductive or capacitive loads increase the apparent power, so that the real power is limited. Currently, the standard EN 61 003 part 2 (Harmonics) and Part 3 (Flicker) is valid and in it concerns and defined the necessary network quality.

Companies want through environmental programs targeted energy consumption and strive for economical exposure with the net power. Demand high power costs for energy savings a conscious energy budget should be part of the company philosophy. Most of the power supplier companies require by crossing the limits from consumers adequate compensation.


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