Charging stations for electric and hybrid vehicles

More and more cities, communities and countries in the EU decide in cooperation with power supply companies and car manufacturers to install electro charging stations for building a certain electro mobility in the medium term.

Silence in the car, no engine noise! With the activation of the energy systems a great color coordinated futuristic display shines towards the driver. The green bars of the loading control show almost 100% of loading capacity…

The world belongs to the driver and then the moment comes that makes you forget everything…

This distraction reminds of the under turning moment of a diesel vehicle and pushes the passengers with an ahhhh-effect into the seats. The vehicle slides soundless through the streets and the environmentally friendly road user’s good conscience goes with. We could drive relaxed this way for hours and days, if the red sector under the green bars didn’t continue to appear clearly and the green bars decreased constantly. This development initiates a little adrenalin rush and lives a little on the relaxed situation of the driving experience.


Where can I refuel and how long does it take? These questions now replace all previous and favorable impressions and the driver is hit back into the real world.

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